Build a better learning experience with Toy2

Build a better learning experience with Toy2

Upgrade Your Kindergarten's track sets with versatile Connectors.

Track connectors are a wonderful addition to any kindergarten’s toy collection! With Toy2 Track Connectors, kids can combine their wooden train tracks (like BRIO® or IKEA) with DUPLO®-bricks or similar toys, unlocking a whole new world of creativity and fun.

More children of different ages can play and build together, breathing new life into old toys and extending their playtime. Let their imaginations run wild with Toy2 Track Connectors!

Choo-choose arches to personalize your train world!​

Looking for a fun and creative way to engage your little ones in building and designing their own train world?

Look no further than Arches – the perfect addition to your Track Connectors set! With Arches, children can let their imaginations run wild as they decorate and personalize their train constructions. These robust cardboard arches are easy to use and can be placed between connectors and bricks to create small archways for trains to go through.

Plus, Arches are durable and can be used over and over again. Encourage your students to draw, decorate, and cut out patterns to truly make their train world their own.

Endless creativity

What can kids improve by playing with Track Connectors?

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