Connect and Collaborate

Interested in TOY2 Track Connectors for Kindergartens, school or similar?

We see great value from Track Connectors in kindergartens, schools and similar, where a lot of children can play and build together – across age differences.

Creative play and lots of learning

TOY2 Track Connectors make the difficulty of builds and construction adaptable to the skill level of the child. Constantly allowing for increasing difficulty and ambitions to keep the children learning and interested. The bigger builds also allow for much more collaboration between children.

Usage value

With TOY2 Track Connectors much more play, possibilities and usage value are created from the toys already present in the institutions and places children already play.

Contact us for special offers

We tailor special offers for institutions, be it small or multiple locations on a larger scale.

We have special products exclusively to institutions and look forward to provide many more opportunities for play, construction and creative ideas for children.

Want promote or review?

We want to tell the world about our TOY2 Track Connectors and how they enable much more play and creativity from the toys the children already have.

Promotion, prizes & programs

If you want to promote or review, please reach out. We sponsor samples and prizes for competitions and many of our vendors have affiliate programs.

Outreach and traffic

When web-pages or blogs review or promote our product, we spend on ads to broaden the reach of such blogs etc.

Want to sell TOY2 Track Connectors?

We are continually looking for vendors to expand the availability of TOY2 Track Connectors, so more families can connect their toys, together.


Our product targets a niche in the market, which has very big potential and is currently not being catered to.


Connecting existing toys, is a new concept therefore we invest a lot in communication material and promotion of our vendors. We provide traffic to our online vendors and geographically targeted ads for physical stores.

Furthermore we focus on influencers and other awareness marketing.


Because we produce locally in Denmark, we are able to handle small ad hoc orders, as well as big bulk. Our supply chain is short, so we are able to deliver fast and reliable.

We look forward to collaborating with you.