Connecting toys together

Toy2 Track Connectors enables you to
combine the toys you already own and 
provides more creativity for the kids and
enables more play time

Extend the fun of the toys you have

How do you keep children interested in the old toys?

Combine the toys you have with Toy2 Track Connectors.

Create new possibilities with the old toys and spark new interest for the toys in challenging and creative constructions.

Build without limits

Up, down, over, below, through and across doorsteps.

Set your imagination free by combining bricks and tracks with Track Connectors.

Toy2 Track Connectors makes it possible to connect wooden train tracks (e.g. from BRIO® or IKEA) with DUPLO®-bricks or similar. These adapters open up a new world of possibilities.

Connect - Together

This enables you and your children to:

✔️build awesome wooden train tracks
✔️build together, acress age difference
✔️fun and challenging builds for adults as well
✔️new life for the old toys – and a much extended lifespan of it and playtime with it.

Toy2 Track Connectors does not merely connect toys, but also children and adults!

More creative play and fun

- from the toys you already have

Get inspired and take your constructions to new heights

Connecting Toys

Get more fun and play from the toys you already have!

Toy2 combines perfectly with multiple types of wooden train tracks and bricks, and will keep children immersed in creative constructions.

Cover the floor in awesome tracks

  • With Toy2 Track Connectors, you can merge train tracks and build to new heights
  • Toy2 Track Connectors create completely new possibilities from the bricks and wooden train tracks that
    you already have
  • Create challenging and creative constructions in playful learning
  • Keep the toys interesting, captivating and fun

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Free return if your kid doesn’t like it

Made in Denmark

More creative play and fun

- from the toys you already have

Joy - Creativity - Learning

The vision of Toy2 is to contribute to children getting the most out of their toys. Both in terms of enjoyment of play, learning and creativity but also in terms of the toys remaining interesting longer and not lying unused on the shelf or in the drawer.

“We think Track Connectors is definitely a Go! We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life”


We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life with all our children, yes, including those aged 13 and 15. It works great and it fits well. Besides the fact that you can make beautiful new creations, we noticed that our children suddenly became creative again with the duplo blocks for making a station, for example. But the wooden toys were also taken out of the closet and before we knew it we had a complete city in the living room. Bringing these two worlds together is a huge success!​