Age - 7+ or siblings​

Amount of bricks and tracks?


For children age 7 or more or siblings between 2 and 10, we suggest boxes with a mix of basis connectors, and connectors aimed at a bit more complicated builds, to keep the toys interesting by allowing for more challenging and intricate builds.

In general as the children get older or multiple children are going to play and build, we suggest opting for a bigger box.

With medium sized collection of tracks and bricks, we suggest Basic Pack Large with many Basis Connectors or Engineer Set that contains all types of connectors, as well as a lot of Basis Connectors.

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Engineer Set

Basic Pack Large

The core connector to use is the Basis Connector. It is also the simplest and most intuitive to use for young children.

It can be set on top of bricks (e.g. DUPLO®, BiOBUDDi and similar).

Wooden train tracks can then be connected to the Basis connector, so the tracks can be built to great heights.

The direction changes works in the same way, but have the same kind of train connector on “both sides”.

All the connectors have in common, that there is a bit of built-in slack in the train parts, so the different brands of wooden tracks and different generations can connect properly. (they vary a bit in size)

The connector design furthermore allows for placing the connector in the middle of bricks and larger plates.

The Basis connector is the simplest of the Track Connectors, and is the most easy to use for smaller children. And it is the bread and butter of great wooden train track constructions.

An awesome feature of the Basis connector, is the hole has been deepened and the tip has been slightly lowered which works together with the slack, to allow for building upwards (or downwards) with normal wooden tracks. Both curved and straight tracks. This principle also applies to direction changers and intersections.

The Straight and Anchor connectors (the red ones) can be used when building track on plates and in more compact constructions.

See the video below for how the different connectors work – or check out our connector deep-dive-page.

Happy building!

"We think Track Connectors is definitely a Go! We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life"

We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life with all our children, yes, including those aged 13 and 15. It works great and it fits well. Besides the fact that you can make beautiful new creations, we noticed that our children suddenly became creative again with the duplo blocks for making a station, for example. But the wooden toys were also taken out of the closet and before we knew it we had a complete city in the living room. Bringing these two worlds together is a huge success!​

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