Connector types

Basis Connector

The Basis Connector allows you to connect bricks with wooden tracks.

It has been designed with a bit of slack in track-connecting part, so it is compatible with different brands/ages of wooden tracks, but connects firmly to bricks from DUPLO®, BiOBUDDi or similar.

The design allows for placing the connector in the middle of bricks and larger plates.

The basis connector is the simplest of the Track Connectors, and is the most easy to use for smaller children. And it is the bread and butter of great wooden train track constructions.

An awesome feature of the Basis connector, is the hole has been deepened and the tip has been slightly lowered which works together with the slack, to allow for building upwards (or downwards) with normal wooden tracks. Both curved and straight tracks.

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Straight Connector

(The connector shown in the video is our old 3D printed version. Today we produce by injection molding, so it looks much better. The usability and functionality is still the same.)

Our Allround Large and Engineer packs contains lots of Straight connectors

The Straight connector is great when you need additional support or the distance between two brick-pylons do not have the correct distance for the tracks to connect properly.

They too are designed with a degree of slack, allowing for flexibility in construction, even if the aim of the track is a bit off.

When building more advanced tracks, this connector comes in handy.

An important tool in the big-track-builder’s toolbox.

Direction Changers

The Double Male and Double Female Connectors enables changing the “direction” of the tracks.

This introduces flexibility in track building when using splitters and connecting the end of tracks.

It is even more important when using the feature in Track Connectors of building upwards and downwards with normal tracks, as the male side of the connector should direct downwards and the female part upwards.

Thus direction changers too are quite important when scaling up the constructions (as children and parents tend to do).

This is also the reason we have it in most boxes – and have a special purpose box containing lots of these. (Direction Change)


(The video uses our old 3D printed version of Anchor. The new version looks much nicer. The functionality is still the same)

The Anchor will keep curved tracks and splitters in place with a tip in the recess under the track.

It is probably the connector causing most confusion and leaving most people stumped.

Although it is a bit weird, it is very versatile and great when using y-splitters high up or tracks in places with lots of bricks.

It is great to add support from different places, by adding two or three of them with the small tap keeping the track in place from the outside.

It becomes especially important when using a lot of bricks in constructions.


The Intersection allows you to cross tracks and make a more exciting tracks. So in addition to let tracks cross over and under each other, it is also possible to let them intersect.

It fits neatly (and firmly) on top of 2×2 bricks (e.g. DUPLO®) but can also be placed in the middle of a building plate.

With the intersection Track Connector, it is possible to make very “spaghetti” and intertwined tracks in a small space.

We have created the box Criss Cross to allow for extremely intersected tracks. But most of our boxes have intersections and if the ambition is to build big and complicated, the Engineer Sets and Basic Packs are the go-to gifts.

All TOY2 Track Connectors is designed to have same height for tracks, which results in a stable and level train track – even when the ambitions grow. 

All Track Connectors are designed to be placed in the middle of DUPLO®, BiOBUDDi plates and similar, to allow for greatest possible freedom and creativity when building.

We hope we have cleared up any confusion and have conveyed the possibilities that are opened by combining the childrens’ favorite toys.

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