Connecting toys

Get more possibilities by combining building bricks and train tracks.

Bringing toys together

Toy2 Track Connectors enables you to combine the toys you already own. And provides more creativity and playtime for children.

And the best part? That families do it together. Everyone can build together because the builds are fun, and challenging for adults as well!

Get inspired and take your constructions to new heights

Connecting Toys

Get more fun and play from the toys you already have!

Toy2 combines perfectly with multiple types of wooden train tracks and bricks, and will keep children immersed in creative constructions.

Cover the floor in awesome tracks

  • With Toy2 Track Connectors, you can merge train tracks and build to new heights
  • Create completely new possibilities from the bricks and wooden train tracks that you already have
  • Create challenging and creative constructions in playful learning
  • Keep the toys interesting, captivating and fun

Joy – Creativity – Learning


When building together, children assume different roles and help each other.


Children imagine and create their own world. Every playtime it’s a different world.


Different Track Connectors have different creative possibilities that need to be learned.

Connect - Together

Toy2 does not only connect toys, but adults with their children as well!

Build without limits

Set your imagination free by combining bricks and tracks with Track Connectors. Up, down, over, below, through and across doorsteps.

Extend lifetime of toys you have

Create new possibilities with your old toys and spark new interest with challenging and creative constructions.

What the parents say