Builder Set
22 parts

The Builder Set is a good choice for starters since you can explore the fundamentals of track construction and unleash their creative potential. This set includes 5 different types of Track Connectors and with these you can build a variety of different track layouts in two or more levels with pillars beneath the connectors. With your small collection of tracks and bricks you can make anything from simple loops to complex spiral train tracks.

NB: Building bricks and tracks are not included.


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The Builder Set contains 22 Track Connectors.

Basis Double-blank Double-tab
16 2 1
Anchor Intersection
2 1


Age Amount of bricks &
tracks required
How many
children can play together
18+ months Small collection 1-2 children Easy


About this product

  • All types of TOY2 Track Connector blocks are designed to have the same rail height, which provides a flat and stable train track-even when the construction is advanced.
  • All Track Connector bricks are designed to sit in the middle of DUPLO / BiOBUDDi boards, to give the greatest possible freedom for creative engineering.
  • Combines DUPLO®, BioBUDDi and equivalent with train tracks from BRIO®, Thomas&Friends, Ikea Lillabo, VIGA etc.

Customer reviews

ClausLEGO + BRIO = Lots of fun for the kids
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Very orignial concept where you can use your LEGO DUPLO together with BRIO train tracks.

The Kids are really happy to be able to combine their favorite toys and build traintracks up (in 3 dimensions) with LEGO DUPLO.
Solvej JensenFantastic idea and lots of fun playtime
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Fantastic idea and lots of fun playtime. To combine Lego duplo bricks with Brio trains are genious.

Both kids (5 and 7) used very long time on playing and exploring the new traintracks. It was fun and cosy. We properly have to buy more. :)
KarinaTrackconnectors - Quality time for the familiy
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Trackconnectors are simple yet genious invention. Both Brio train tracks and Duplo bricks gets new life and the building projects becomes exciting for both small and big kids - Even parents and other adults.

I bought a big pack track connectors for my grankids a couple of months ago. The whole familiy have since been doing exciting common building projects, and we "had to" buy even more track connectors, because the plans grew. We can recommend Toy2 and tracks connectors.

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