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Toy2 Track Connectors make it possible to connect wooden train tracks (e.g. from BRIO® or IKEA) with DUPLO®-bricks or similar. This enables you and your children to build awesome wooden train tracks, across age diffrence with a fun and challenging aspect for the adult as well. 

Huge customer interest, hype and excitement!

"We think Track Connectors is definitely a Go! We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life"

We soon noticed that our old toys were coming back to life with all our children, yes, including those aged 13 and 15. It works great and it fits well. Besides the fact that you can make beautiful new creations, we noticed that our children suddenly became creative again with the duplo blocks for making a station, for example. But the wooden toys were also taken out of the closet and before we knew it we had a complete city in the living room. Bringing these two worlds together is a huge success!​

Customers Says

ClausLEGO + BRIO = Lots of fun for the kids
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Very orignial concept where you can use your LEGO DUPLO together with BRIO train tracks. The Kids are really happy to be able to combine their favorite toys and build traintracks up (in 3 dimensions) with LEGO DUPLO.
Solvej JensenFantastic idea and lots of fun playtime
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Fantastic idea and lots of fun playtime. To combine Lego duplo bricks with Brio trains are genious. Both kids (5 and 7) used very long time on playing and exploring the new traintracks. It was fun and cosy. We properly have to buy more. 🙂
KarinaTrackconnectors - Quality time for the familiy
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Trackconnectors are simple yet genious invention. Both Briotraintrack and Duplobricks gets new life and the building projects becomes exciting for both small and big kids - Even parents and other adults. I bought a big pack trackconnectors for my grankids a couple of months ago. The hole familiy have sin been doing exciting common building projects, and we "had to" buy even more trackconnectors, because the plans grew. We can recommend Squar3d, Toy2 and tracks connectors.


We take our branding and promotion responsibilities serious - and are dedicated to ensure success for our vendors

We continuously collaborate with influencers and media to create awareness of our products and ensure it is top of mind of parents and children alike. 

We market the product across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Pinterest, Reddit and others) and also do physical events and promotion.

We see great interest in the product and a lot of “wows” in the comments to posts and ads – so there is no doubt that the product is wanted by consumers. They simply need to know it exists.

Want to sell TOY2 Track Connectors?

We are continually looking for vendors to expand the availability of TOY2 Track Connectors, so more families can connect their toys, together.


Our product targets a niche in the market, which has very big potential and is currently not being catered to.


We know we are a new brand and product and are therefore investing in a lot of communication material and promotion of our vendors. We provide traffic to our online vendors and geographically targeted ads for physical stores.

Furthermore we focus on influencers and other awareness marketing.


Because we produce locally in Denmark, we are able to handle small ad hoc orders, as well as big bulk. Our supply chain is short, so we are able to deliver fast.

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