Keep your children interested in old toys!

More playtime and longer lifespan of toys

TOY2 Track Connectors make it possible to connect wooden train tracks (from BRIO or IKEA) with DUPLO bricks or similar.
It enables you and your children to:

  • Build together across age difference
  • Fun and challenging builds for adults
  • New building possibilities

New exciting possibilities

Benefits of combining tracks with bricks:

Colaboration skills

Improve collaboration skills by constructing with their peers and fostering a sense of teamwork and communication. 

imagination and creat

Use different combinations that Track Connectors offer and stimulate the imagination to create new track designs.

Problem s. icon
Stimulate problem-solving skills by experimenting with different ways of connecting tracks with bricks to create a functional track system.
Fine motor skills icon

The required precision to align and connect tracks and bricks trains hand-eye coordination and improves fine motor skills.

Building together: higher and longer

What the parents say