Track Connectors

Basis Connector

Basis Connector allows you to connect train tracks with bricks. It is the primary connector when connecting bricks and tracks.

Basis Connector is the simplest Track Connector and the easiest to use for younger children and Track Connector beginners

Straight Connector

Anchor Connector Dublo Lego

Straight Connector is great when the distance does not allow the use of a Basis connector or similar, e.g., when building long, brick-bridges or across a building plate.

This connector is very useful and an important tool in the toolbox that allows more versatile constructions.

When building more advanced tracks, this connector comes in handy. It is an important tool in the big-track-builder’s toolbox.

Double-male / Double -female Connector

Double-tab / Double-blank Connector makes it possible to connect bricks and train tracks. It allows more flexible builds, as it can change the direction of wooden tracks.

This becomes especially important when using normal tracks for building upwards and downwards.

The direction changes too are important when scaling up the constructions.

More creative play and fun

- from the toys you already have

Anchor Connector

Anchor Connector Dublo Lego

Anchor Connector can be used to hold curved train rails in place by holding them in place from below.

It can also be used to stabilize and hold the train tracks in place when building on a building plate or a larger construction of bricks.

It becomes especially important when using a lot of bricks in construction.

Intersection Connector

Intersection Connector allows you to cross train tracks and make more exciting constructions.

With Intersection, it is possible to make compact, advanced and intertwined constructions.


Slope allows you to tilt your tracks and Track Connectors and make steep downhill tracks where the trains can pick up a lot of speed. It is a small brick, where the top is tilted 9 degree, which is a great incline for trains to build up speed. And even jump gaps.

If 9 degrees incline is not enough, more Slopes can be combined and create even steeper incline of 18, 27, 36 degrees or more.

All Toy2 Track Connectors

All Track Connectors are compatible with DUPLO®, Hubelino®, BiOBUDDi® and other similar bricks. All Track Connectors are compatible with wooden train tracks from BRIO®, LILLABO, VIGA and similar train tracks.

All Track Connector types are designed to have the same height, which provides a flat and stable train track – even when a construction is advanced and tall.

Track Connectors are designed to enable building upwards using normal straight tracks. The tab part of the connectors goes down a bit and the blank part has a recess. This means that, with a straight track connected to the tab part at the top and the blank part at the bottom, it is easy to build down (or up) one brick at a time.