50 Basis Connectors


Contains 50 TOY2 Track-Connectors.

Our special TOY2 spring pack allows you to can build in two or more levels, build with brick-towers or complicated compact builds. A flexible start for large building project.
Combines DUPLO®, Hubelino, BioBUDDi and similar with train tracks from BRIO®, Ikea, VIGA etc.

NB: Building bricks and tracks are not included.

50 Basis Connectors



Age Amount of bricks
tracks required
How many
children can play together
3+ years Large collection (50+ tracks) 2-4 children age 3-10 Easy

With the many Track Connectors, you can build in 2 or more levels and easily get over doorsteps and around furniture etc. Perfect for building big and complicated train tracks.
Connects DUPLO®, Hubelino, BioBUDDi and similar with wooden tracks from BRIO®, IKEA and others.

About this product

  • Contains 50 Basis Track Connectors
  • Ideal for big awesome construction projects
  • Connects DUPLO®, Hubelino, BioBUDDi and similar with wooden tracks from BRIO®, Ikea, VIGA etc.
  • Perfect for the typical beginner and experienced and smaller and larger stock of plastic bricks 119and wooden train tracks
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Training core competencies

Track connectors is able to do some things, that other toys have a hard time achieving so broadly. – Erik, kindergarten pedagogue

Children love to build and construct and they love playing “make believe” and similar.

Another thing children really like is a bit of action, chaos and unexpected outcomes (a.k.a. opportunities for learning)

The unbounded possibilities unleashed by combining to great toy concepts with track connectors, allow children to switch back and forth between this different kinds of play.

Imaging what to build, pretending the train talks about a steep slope of the track,  letting the train ride down, crashing (or not crashing) and get ideas for what else to build.

The wooden tracks already have the possibility of children building in different direction. But often the age where this is interesting and really catch the interest of children is a bit short.

The same goes for bricks.

When combining the two, and adding an extra dimension by allowing building much more vertical, older children not previously drawn in by building with wooden tracks or with bricks, get caught up in it as well.

Children can be challenged (motor skills, creatively and mentally) according to age and competency level.

And they can work and contribute according to skill – and coordinate and communicate to build “bigger, wilder and more complicated”.

Setting a goal for the construction and achieving this by building in 3 dimensions, and with a required height of bricks and length of tracks, sharpens the sense of 3D space and practice counting.

The degree of freedom in building with track connectors, furthermore allow the level of complexity to follow the skill of the children (and adults) involved, so that continued learning and challenges is possible.

Reviews and blog posts

The overall rating of TOY2 Track Connectors:

Utility value: VERY GOOD – The interest in old toys has been renewed and the playing time has been extended. It creates a lot of fun to combine two kinds of toys together and is challenging in a different way.

Durability / quality: VERY GOOD – the material is hard plastic – a bit like Lego, and it takes a lot before it can break or become too worn, so it is useless. Fantastic quality that is just so easy to combine with Lego Duplo and Brio trains.

Price: VERY GOODI think the price is really good in relation to the utility value. Endless fun and play with TOY2 Track Connectors. At the same time, it creates new interest in old toys.

TOY2 Track Connectors connect not only toys but also children, siblings and parents when brother, sister, or mother gets engrossed in building the track wilder, taller and making it all go up.

Read the full review on Testfamilien.dk

This is a Vintage BRIO track layout that we have been looking to make for some time and using the Toy2 Connectors was a great solution to the stacked risers that BRIO no longer make allowing us to gradually increase in height over a long distance.


Se the video here

Track Connectors are simple yet genius invention.

Both Brio train tracks and Duplo bricks gets new life and the building projects becomes exciting for both small and big kids – Even parents and other adults.

I bought a big pack track connectors for my grand kids a couple of months ago.

The whole familiy have since been doing exciting building projects together, and we “had to” buy even more track connectors, because the plans grew.

We can recommend Toy2 and tracks connectors.

– Karina, Trustpilot

To combine Lego duplo bricks with Brio trains is genius.

Both kids (5 and 7) spent a very long time playing and exploring the new ways of building train tracks.

It was fun and cosy.

We properly have to buy more. :)

– Solvej, Trustpilot

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