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50 Basis Connectors


Indeholder 50 TOY2 Track-Connectors.

NB: Klodser og træskinner ikke inkluderet.

50 Basis Connectors



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klodser & skinner
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3+ år Stor samling (50+ skinner) 2-4 børn 3-10 år Let

Med de mange Track Connectors kan I bygge i 2 eller flere plan og nemt komme over dørtrin og rundt om (eller over) møbler. Perfekt til at bygge store og komplicerede togbaner.

Forbinder DUPLO®, Hubelino, BioBUDDi og lignende klodser med træskinner fra BRIO®, IKEA and others.


  • Indeholder 50 Basis Track Connectors
  • Ideel for store byggeprojekter
  • Forbinder DUPLO®, Hubelino, BioBUDDi og lignende klodser med træskinner fra BRIO®, IKEA and others.
  • Perfekt for begyndere og erfarne med mindre til store mængder klodser og træskinner.

Customer reviews

ClausLEGO + BRIO = Lots of fun for the kids
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Very orignial concept where you can use your LEGO DUPLO together with BRIO train tracks.

The Kids are really happy to be able to combine their favorite toys and build traintracks up (in 3 dimensions) with LEGO DUPLO.
Solvej JensenFantastic idea and lots of fun playtime
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Fantastic idea and lots of fun playtime. To combine Lego duplo bricks with Brio trains are genious.

Both kids (5 and 7) used very long time on playing and exploring the new traintracks. It was fun and cosy. We properly have to buy more. :)
KarinaTrackconnectors - Quality time for the familiy
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Trackconnectors are simple yet genious invention. Both Brio train tracks and Duplo bricks gets new life and the building projects becomes exciting for both small and big kids - Even parents and other adults.

I bought a big pack track connectors for my grankids a couple of months ago. The whole familiy have since been doing exciting common building projects, and we "had to" buy even more track connectors, because the plans grew. We can recommend Toy2 and tracks connectors.

MY BRIO Adventure - BRIO Trains Layout With Toy2 Track Connectors

This is a Vintage BRIO track layout that we have been looking to make for some time and using the Toy2 Connectors was a great solution to the stacked risers that BRIO no longer make allowing us to gradually increase in height over a long distance.

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